Does anyone use Stickies much?

I opened the app recently and found a note left for me.   I’m not sure who wrote it, but have my suspicions.  The  note was created in 2005!  I clearly have not found a use for them,  since.

Picture 1


It’s orange, might wanna get that checked

While walking down the ramp at the station, it starts to rain.  The guy in front of me sensibly decides to put his hood up.

He has no where to put his can of drink, so he puts it between his legs.

As he lifts his arms to pull up his hood, the can tips.

Orange fanta spews forth from between his legs.

I normally don’t laugh out loud at people on the street, but a snort escaped!


Moon Anniversary

I couldn’t let July go by without making some mention of the Moon.  As we know it’s been 40 years this month since man first walked on the moon.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has returned its first imagery of the Apollo moon landing sites.

Click on the  picture to see more, and larger pics.  (The arrow is pointing to the Lunar Module)



This is not going to work. . .

. . . but I thought I’d try anyway.  (Yes, I do realise how spam works and that the guilty parties won’t read this.)

Note to spammers:

Stop leaving comments on my posts trying to tempt me with nude celebrities.  No!  I don’t want to see Daniel Radcliffe in the nude!  I really, really DON’T.

Seriously, that’s just weird.


It’s like spring at M*A*S*H

I was feeling pretty glum yesterday.  I’ve got this sinus infection that won’t go away.  It was my second day into painting the kitchen cupboards, and I wasn’t able to do it the way I wanted.  My grand ideas were just too fiddly and I hadn’t left myself enough time.  To top it all off the weather was all grey.

About 4.30pm it was all done except for the second coat.  I was tempted to ignore the recommended drying time and just go ahead and do the second coat.  Instead I made myself pack up for the day.  After cleaning myself up, I settled in to watch M*A*S*H, which always makes me feel better.

It was that episode where Sidney, the psychiatrist, decides to take a break at MASH and writes to Sigmund Freud about the people who work there.  Something that Sidney says at the end of the episode stuck with me.  BJ asks him if he’s feeling better.  He replies “It’s like spring at MASH. If you can’t find it, can’t feel it, you just go ahead and make it.”  He taps on his chest, “Somewhere in here, I’m coaxing a little bud to grow.”arbus_freedman

With that in mind, this morning I coaxed my own little bud to grow.  I put on The Mighty Boosh Radio Show,  (Guaranteed to coax a smile out of me) and slapped on that second coat.  There was even a little bit of sunshine this morning.

It’s all finished now and I’m feeling pretty good.  Click here for before and after photos.

Because The Boosh is loose and we’re a little bit RAW!