This blog isn’t about anything really.

I will occasionally post some observations, updates, points of interest (mine, not necessarily yours).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. No dirty laundry, of course not. Who would air dirty laundry? You wash the dirty clothes then air them clean. So what clean stuff do you have to show us. Go on, show us your nickers!!

    Mind you, just because they are clean and streak free, doesn’t mean they have to be pure and fresh out of the packet. Let’s see those comfy ones with the sags in the right places and maybe a hole or two from where fingers have gone straight through the paper thin material. Has the elastic gone in one leg? Has the lace come away on the other? Nevermind, add’s to it’s character.

    Fling it proudly onto the Hills for all to see and stand back on your declaration of self, stripped bare.

  2. Why do people want ducks?

    The feathered quacking sort of the dodging out of dangers way sort?

    I hope its the later, people achieve the most (good and bad) when under pressure. Besides, who wants the quacking sort plopping in your living room and eating the paperback mystery you’ve almost finished.

  3. More than likely the quacking pooping sort.
    I’m unsure why people want them, but apparently they do.

    Possible reasons may include:
    Ritual sacrifice,
    The prestige of owning a duck,
    Interesting head wear (if you happen to live in Ankh-Morpork)

    The mind boggles.

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