Generally about me, is all

I seem to be suffering from a chronic sinus infection.   It has been hanging on since May.  Maybe even before, I had headaches before then.  I’ve had 4 courses of antibiotics.  With the third we added steroids up the nose.  It seemed to clear it up, only for symptoms to reappear three weeks later.  I finished my fourth course of antibiotics a week ago yesterday.  It appears to have helped, but I’ve had horrible sinus headaches the past week.  I’m giving it until Monday then back to the GP who will likely send me to the specialist.

All sounds like bad news right?  Well, despite all this, I’ve been doing exceedingly well at gym!  I am now able to do chin-ups.  Multiple times!  I did three sets yesterday.  Five, then three, then five.  Thirteen altogether!  (Apparently not many girls can do that) I am also competing in the Global Corporate Challenge, and managed to get a personal best of 24,010 steps!

This illustrates a change in myself.  A few years back I would’ve let the sinus infection beat me, and just lounge around and do nothing.

I feel good!  I’m in pain, but I feel good!


6 thoughts on “Generally about me, is all

  1. LOL! You know I made that connection at the time, but it totally escaped me while I was typing this post.
    I do doubt rhinocourt could’ve done all that much though, he he.

  2. So that’s what’s happening to my brain! I thought it must’ve been leaking out my nose while I was sleeping.

    Ewww, do I really want to look at that link. Perhaps not while I’m at lunch.

  3. Good to hear your feeling good Crystal. It’s the exercise that’s making you positive I’m sure. I feel positive about exercise too – I’m positive I’m gonna do some one day…

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