Yesterday I saw a green combie van near my Mum and Dad’s house.
It made a funny noise as it came up the road and stopped at the
traffic lights.  Sounded like it had it’s horn stuck.  I first thought it was
trying to draw attention to itself, as it was clearly some sort of
business van.   A family business I suspect, as the van was old and
the lettering could’ve been more professional.   It had what I
thought was the word BOOBIKES on the front of it.  I couldn’t figure
it out.  I realised before it turned that the driver was frantically
trying to get the horn to shut up.  As they turned I saw the same
letters on the side but written more clearly and separated into two:
Scroll down. . .

Yes, on the front of the van the 1 and the 3 had been painted too
close together and made it look like a B.


2 thoughts on “BOOBIKES

  1. Maybe it was done on purpose. Rough enough that it could be taken as an accident, but on purpose to gain your attention. You now know there is a company called 1300 Bikes and you now know their phone number.

    The Gruen Transfer really do have a lot to answer for.

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