Foiled that dastardly cat!

If you are reading this anywhere other than on the conundrum, then this post is stolen.

This time it was Fang who was the naughty one. He’s learned how to get into the scraps bin on the kitchen bench. After thinking through various solutions, I remembered some table cloth weights I had. I think they were given to me among other kitchen implements by my friend Miztres, thanks Miztres!

Here’s my solution!  Hopefully the weights will make it too heavy for him to lift, and the lemons look rather attractive, for something that belongs in the kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Foiled that dastardly cat!

  1. Glad to see lemons are coming in handy. Shame they don’t smell as sweet as they look otherwise you could deal with two issues at once.

    Innovation our greatest survival trait.

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