iTunes trick


If you are reading this anywhere other than the conundrum then this post has been stolen.

I’ve discovered the joys of the smart play list.   I’m sure the function has been there for some time, but it is only recently I’ve discovered a use for it.

When I listen to music, I tend to put iTunes on shuffle and let it go.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I found my Mac seems to have it’s favourite songs which are played over and over, and there have been songs that hadn’t been played in so long I forgot I had them.

That’s where the smart list came in.  I made one that has the top 200 of the least recently played songs, and have been listening to stuff that hasn’t caressed my ears in ages.

Here’s  how to do it.

In the File menu, choose ‘New Smart Playlist‘.

Check ‘Match the following rule:’

On the pull down menu choose ‘podcast‘.  Then in the menu next to it choose ‘is false‘.  (This is so your podcasts don’t randomly pop up in your list.  If you don’t have podcasts, don’t worry about this rule.)

Check Limit to, then type in how ever long you want your playlist to be (I don’t think it really matters, because it continuously updates, so the list stays fresh). In the pull down menu select ‘Least recently played‘.

Leave ‘Match only items‘ unchecked.

Check ‘Live updating‘.

Click Ok, then give your new Smart Playlist a name.

As an alternative you could also try ‘Least often played’ instead of ‘least recently’.

Happy listening.


4 thoughts on “iTunes trick

  1. Have you got the latest version of iTunes? It has a new feature called ‘Genius’ where once a song is playing that you like the sound/mood of, you hit the Genius button and it trawls your library for songs that it thinks are similar to it. Like your smart playlist, it digs up stuff I haven’t listened to in yonks. It’s like a great cross between a smart playlist and Party Shuffle (which is now called ‘iTunes DJ – yech).

  2. Yes, I have got the latest version. I love Genius. I’ve been using it to create play lists to put on my iPod.
    Hmm, I preferred ‘Party Shuffle’ too. iTunes DJ makes it sound like the Mac is going to start bobbing the screen up and down and yell Yo! (Which works better with the older ‘dome’ iMac, of course).

    I use the Mac as a stereo a lot (ie. just playing music while I do other things), so I’ve downloaded the seti@home screensaver. It’s pretty cool.

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