New Phone- a review

z750i_catalog_mediaspaceYou know, it’s really hard to take a picture of your phone with your phone.

My old phone leapt out of my bag, while I was trying to extract my jacket, did a nose dive and landed right in the dog’s water bowl.  It still worked, but it wasn’t happy.  The battery life was reduced to almost nothing.  I had to buy a new phone.

Not wanting to spend a fortune, I decided to get a cheap pre-paid one that I could put my old sim card in.  I decided on the Sony Ericsson Z750i.  It had all the features I was after.  Calendar, blue tooth, memory card slot, mp3.  I don’t ask for much really.

It’s a cool little phone, but if I had a do-over I wouldn’t pick a Sony Ericsson.  Their calendar is terrible!  It does make recurring appointments, which is what I wanted, but if you want to delete, edit or reschedule just one of them you can’t!  If you change one of them, you change all of them.  The alert is next to useless too.  It makes a short noise, once, to remind you and that’s it.  You can’t change the alert tone, you can’t ask it to repeat the alert tone, in case  you miss it the first time.  It’s just bad luck if you don’t hear it.

One of the great features of the phone, however, is it has 5 Alarms.  Each one can be set to different times, and can be set to recur either every day or you can choose your days of the week.  You can even choose the tone for the alarm, so it will play anything you want.  Mine currently plays the ‘Soup’ song from ‘The Mighty Boosh’.

So, I’ve worked around the calendar’s deficiencies by using the alarm.  I check the day before if there’s any appointments, etc. I need reminding about, then set an alarm.  I would like more than 5 alarms given the calendar’s deficiencies.  However, if the calendar worked the way I wanted it to, 5 alarms would be more than enough.

Other features on the phone are great.  The SMS remembers who you’ve sent to recently so you don’t have to go look them up every time.  It does email rather easily, but I doubt I’ll be using that feature much.  Nice to know it’s there though.  If I send an mp3 to it via bluetooth it asks me if I want to use it now, and do I want it to be a ringtone or message alert.

In the picture, see the top two round buttons?  On the main screen they’re foxtel and bigpond.  It tries to connect every time I accidentally hit the buttons.  I don’t really want foxtel or bigpond, and you can’t take these off.  I guess I’ll get used to the new phone and stop hitting the wrong buttons soon anyway.


2 thoughts on “New Phone- a review

  1. I heart your phone, its purple vibe and cool factor sing to me…..not Áccidently kelly Street but songs of a simliar ilk.
    So its not perfect, but what is? Perfect is boring, relish the blemishes of your phone damn it!

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