Ear Candles

Apparently they don’t work, and they’re dangerous.  I’ve never used them myself, but know people who have.  I recently found out that they don’t draw the wax out of your ears.  That discharge, is the molten wax of the candle itself.

Dangerous?  Yep.  Apparently there have been cases of hot wax dripping down inside people’s ears.  Ouch!  Enough to make me never want to have a go.

Find out more here.


2 thoughts on “Ear Candles

  1. Michelle has used a couple of these to relieve blocked ears. I even sat there holding the stupid things. They didn’t drip or add anything into or onto her ears. The updraft from the burning tip is supposed to draw up any blockage. She said it worked for her.

    What do I think? Placebo effect 95% Quackery 100%. Just because the Chinese have been using something for 1000 years doesn’t make it credible or true or better than modern medicine.

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