So now I know why the sky is blue

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue?  Well, I can tell you.  But I’m not going to.  Instead I suggest you read Bad Astronomy by Philip C. Plait.  He writes in an easy conversational manner and before you know it you know not only the answer to that question, but you will also know why sometimes you can see the dark side of the moon (and by that I mean the side not lit by the sun, not the opposite side to the earth).  Does water really swirl down the drain in the opposite direction in the northern  hemisphere?  Why do stars really twinkle?  And many more. . .

The explanations are easy to read, if any jargon is used it is explained.  

The only critism I would have is that it’s very northern hemisphere-centric.  The author can’t help that though, that’s where he lives and works.  He does make an attempt talk about the southern hemisphere too.  I guess when you are an astronomer though, there’s enough to study in your own hemisphere.  It’s not like you can just quickly pop over to the other side of the earth every time you want to make a comparison.  Although, with modern technology. . .

He also gets a bit preachy when it comes to sceptical matters (highly unsurprising as he is a prominent sceptical activist).  This could be a down side if you don’t really want it shoved in your face.  I find it interesting though.  Some who have already drawn conclusions about certain things and refused to believe otherwise even when confronted with the evidence, however, may find it annoying.

Here is an amazon link so you can see what I’m talking about.  However, you could probably also find it at  your local library.


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