Sometimes the best music is none at all

It was a beautiful mild sunny day today.  I was sitting at the station, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air.  It was all spoiled by having to listen to ‘Waiting for a star to fall’!  Why do they have to play music absolutely everywhere now?  Surely there are enough portable devices out there, cheaply available, that if we want to listen to music we can, and it could be music of our own choice.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes the best music is none at all

  1. I think they may have started playing music on station platforms to soothe any public-transport-related potential violence. I don’t think this is handled too well (tip; playing Celine Dion at me is more likely to make me MORE agitated, not less)

  2. What is wrong with “Waiting for a star to fall”? Quality 80’s music….have you considered that maybe connex is trying to further your musical education?!!!
    However i agree with Carlos…..if they start with Celine Dion, they deserve what they get!
    Re: my last post. What do you mean was vodka involved? NO! Im just naturally rambly and incoherent! Shesh:)

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