Welcome to the new Conundrum

Welcome to the WordPress version of The Crystal Conundrum.

I decided to give WordPress a go, as I’ve been impressed with the functionality of my friend, Miztres‘ blog.

This blog is still under construction, but I have imported all my previous posts from blogger.  Just gotta figure out how to add all my links, etc.

It’s been a happy couple of days in the Crystal world.   Here’s some good things that happened, in no particular order.

  • My phone line was fixed.
  • I got a letter from the bank saying my interest rates had gone down again!  WooHoo
  • I found out my Personal Trainer, who I’ve always thought was the best, really is the best!  She won Best Personal Trainer in all the YMCAs in all of Victoria.
  • I started a new gym program.
  • It has rained!!
  • Isaac hasn’t vomited all week.
  • I got to see new episodes of Futurama.
  • Got to have lunch & good conversation with a friend.
  • Caught up with an old friend on the phone.

There you go.  There’s probably  more, but my tea is nearly cooked.  Just for fun, go here.

Soupy Twist!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Conundrum

  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood! Having played with both Blogger and WordPress I’m also happy to call the later home. Here’s to hoping you do too. Only thing is I now have to update my RSS. It’s due for a spring clean anyway.

  2. WordPress poops all over Blogger. Well done on the move. And I’m glad good things are happening! Although in my experience it’s actually how you feel at the time that determines how you see the world. Depressed and nothing is good. Happy, and everything is great. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to poop on Blogger as well…

  3. Thanks! Still finding my way around, but it’s fun. Somethings seem simpler than blogger, others a bit tricky. Still, once I know what I’m doing, I’ll be fine.

    Pete, I agree with you. It does have a lot to do with how you feel. It’s amazing how you can feel great one day then miserable the next with no apparent changes to make you feel that way.

    Have fun pooping on blogger.

  4. I’m finally putting some words into your conundrum…I also agree with Pete. I have to say though, somedays I think I would be better off without feelings all together. Just a day to be neutral…and eat chocolate. 😀

    Not sure what pooping on blogger is, but it sounds messy. Probably not up with the lingo here, but eh, I’ve still added in my 20cents.

  5. But I don’t get to eat the chocolate 😦

    Blogger is where the conundrum used to be hosted. In his most articulate way, Pete is suggesting that WordPress is better. 🙂

    Although, knowing Pete, it could be quite messy. he he he.

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