Ahh, the sweet smell of Spring. . .

What a lovely time of year to be walking around in. The sun is shinning, the air is fresh, there’s the sweet smell of spring flowers in the breeze.

Then some twit goes and puts manure on their garden!

If a plant needs poo on it in order to survive, it doesn’t deserve to live!


3 thoughts on “Ahh, the sweet smell of Spring. . .

  1. Finally checked out your comment on my blog! Hooray! Slack yes?
    I plan to jump……i feel i’ve gone “all the way” in as much as i can where we work. But im waiting for the moment were everything just clicks and i jump. … people may ask why im waiting…..its because everytime i jump when im ready…it is fantastic…and when i do it prematurely, its a little forced and not so amazing:(

    I was totally surprised and touched by your comments. Thank you. You have also become one of my closest friends……and when i do leave….i will miss talking to you at work (who will distract you while your both off and on desk?)…..but if it is meant to be (which i think it will be) we will still converse outside work:)

    As to your blog post…..i was getting there…. i hate that too. Picture it, me driving through the countryside, windows open, stereo loud, sun shining, having a “happy” moment….then it goes to SHIT….literally…. While i know its a fact of life, does it have to waft heavily and stinky into my happy place? NO WAYE JOSE!!!

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