I don’t want to ride to work in your bathroom!

I wasn’t going to work today, I was going to the osteopath, but I thought the above title sounded better than ‘I don’t want to ride to the osteopath in your bathroom’.

While on the train, I noticed a girl in the midst of her daily cleansing routine. By the time I got on, she was at the toner stage (I don’t know how she managed the cleansing stage). She put some toner on a tissue and wiped it over her face. Over and over and over and over. She must’ve covered every inch of her face at least 16 times! Once she was finally satisfied with that she started with the moisturiser. Same thing, over and over and over. Her face was red from rubbing by the time she finally finished. As I was leaving the train, she was applying mascara.

Now, I’ve seen people put makeup on in public transport before. It always leaves me with a slightly odd feeling. Like they’ve decided to make the train into their bathroom, and we (the other passengers) have to be in there whether we like it or not.
It’s NOT your bathroom, people. If you can’t manage to put your makeup on before you leave home, either don’t wear any or get up earlier! Geez, imagine if men performed their morning ablutions on the train. Doesn’t bear thinking about really.

Slightly nutty rant over.


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