Short is Better Than Naught

A couple of weeks ago I finally came to the end of the ‘Get This’ podcasts.  Now, I’m enjoying the hunt for something new.  Sure, I could just go back to the start and listen to ‘Get This’ all over again, but I think something new is what I need for now.

So far I’ve tried a number of different podcasts, none of which have really entertained me as much as ‘Get This’, though I have enjoyed them. 
The first new one I tried was Russell Brand from BBC Radio 2.  It was funny, but not quite what I’m looking for.  A little too juvenile for me. That sounds a bit snobby doesn’t it.  What I mean by ‘juvenile’ is that the show seems aimed at a 20-something audience, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not 20-something anymore.  It could do with a little more intellectual humour.  The hosts clearly aren’t stupid.  They do seem to be enjoying themselves.
I then tried John Cleese.  This was just what I was looking for.  However, they’re quite short and most are videos.  I need something a bit longer, and preferably audio, for train rides.  Having said that, I think I’ll continue to download these.  Short is better than naught.
Then I tried Triple M’s ‘The Peter Berner Experiment’.  Quite funny, but too short.   They average about 10 minutes.
‘The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’ is quite long (hooray).   Some of their topics I found a bit boring (but you can’t please everyone) and some fascinating.  I did find it very American-centric (they can’t  help that, being American).  At one point they quoted a lovely quote by Richard Dawkins, “Science is the poetry of reality.  They couldn’t quite leave it at that though, they had to do the typical American thing of putting on the phoney British accent.  “Cor, blimey Guv’nor”.  Which I’m sure Richard Dawkins has never said in his life.
Having said that, I’m still going to give this one another go.
Then there’s Nova’s ‘The Wrong Way Home’.  Yes, this does feature Ed Kavalee (formally of ‘Get This’) along with Cal Wilson and Akmal Saleh.  However it’s not as good as ‘Get This’.   It’s very much in the format of a Drive Time show, which is what it is after all.  The beauty of  ‘Get This’ is that it didn’t fit any kind of format (probably one of the reasons for their axing).  They just talked about whatever they liked and still managed to interest people.
The best thing about this podcast, is that I don’t have to listen to Nova’s music.  I  may give it a go for a bit longer.
So, still on the hunt for the perfect podcast.    Suggestions are most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Short is Better Than Naught

  1. Yes, I have tried audio books. Though, I like to read a good chunk of a book at one time. My travel times are really only about 20mins- half an hour each way, so I’d only get to hear the book in bits. Which isn’t all that bad, but I’d be disappointed at having to stop right at a crucial bit, which would inevitably happen. With a podcast, it doesn’t really matter where you stop and start it.
    Having said that, I love the Terry Pratchett books read by Nigel Planner. A good narrator is priceless when it comes to audio books. A bad one can ruin a great book.

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