I like going to Medicare these days to get my refund.

You walk in, press the button for your ticket number, then you get to go sit in nice comfy chairs while you wait for your number to be called.  It doesn’t usually take long, then when they call your number it’s a little bit like you’ve ‘won’.  You go to the counter and they give you money.
Nice 🙂
Much better than the old line up in a coral and wait system.
Service I didn’t enjoy, however, came from the bank.  Yes, surprise, surprise.
Yes ANZ, I’m happy to name which bank.
Firstly, they never sent me a replacement card when my old one expired.  I didn’t realise until I tried to use it!  So, I ordered a new one.  For the next bit of the story I  have to digress a bit:
There had been a problem with my mail, which Australia Post investigated and fixed.   Long story short, my mail was being marked ‘return to sender’ before it got to me.  Somehow it was thought that I had a post office box in Rosanna, so the mail was sent there.  Because I don’t have a post office box there, they marked it ‘not at this address’ and sent them return to sender.  The post office were very good in investigating this and fixing it for me.
So, when the card I ordered hadn’t arrived, I figured it had been a casualty of my mail problems.  I rang to cancel it and order a new one.   A week and a half later it still hadn’t arrived, so I called the bank.  Again.
The lady on the phone spotted the problem right away.  There was no mailing address for me!  It was blank.  She sounded confused, so I told her that I suspected they’d had some returned mail and that’s why the address had been deleted.  I didn’t ask why no one had bothered to try to contact me and find out the correct address.  They still had my correct phone numbers after all.
Anyhow, she put in my correct address and hopefully, my card was sent out today.  

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  1. I also love getting money back from Medicare. Its almost like getting free money……if you ignore the fact that you usually have to shell out more to begin with:)

    Also love that you are updating your blog more regularly now…pat yourself on the front (why should your back get all the kudos?)

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