For the sake of posting

Today I pruned my camellia bush.  Not very exciting I know, but the poor thing was looking very spindly and badly needed it done.  A nice lady at work, who is a whizz in the garden, told me that late July is the best time to do it.  Fortunately, as I was chopping away I noticed lots of little green chutes.  So hopefully, come spring, it will start looking nice and green again.

In other news, my health is on the improve.  I nearly feel back to normal.  I went to the gym this today.  That’s once this week, and once last week.  Maybe next week I’ll make it twice?
Life in general now is quite good (now that I’m healthy again).   I’m feeling very comfortable and contented.   Not a feeling encountered often, so I’m trying not to look a gift horse.  
The house is continually taking shape.  I’ve finally got a decent TV unit, and a chest of drawers!  I’m making a rug (not art work, but creative nonetheless).  A picture will be posted when finished.  And, of course, I’m reading lots.  I’ve just enjoyed two fantastic novels.  
Recovery Man by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Days of Rage by Kris Nelscott (both actually the same author).
Both novels are part of series and, although they are both stand-alone stories, I’d still recommend starting from the beginning.   They do refer back to earlier novels.
Recovery Man is a part of the Retrieval Artist series.   Set on the Moon, Miles Flint is a ‘Retrieval Artist’.   His job is to find the ‘disappeared’ once it’s safe for them to reappear.  These are people who have changed their identity and their lives in order to escape alien justice.  Alien laws differ from human laws, and sometimes what we would consider minor, turns out to be a capital offence, or worse.
Days of Rage is part of the Smokey Dalton detective series.   It’s set in late 60’s America and Smokey Dalton is a black detective.   Every time I read one of these novels, I am constantly amazed that a young white woman is so capable of getting into the head of a black male living decades past. Her research is amazing.

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