Temporal Tunes

What a pleasant day it has been listening to Melbourne’s Triple M/ EON FM.

The station turns 28 years old today, and they’ve been playing nothing but 80s music.  Not a Nickleback or Pink in sight! 
Not that all eighties music was good.  It seems that with the right amount of time, nostalgia can make up for what was thought of as really bad at the time.  Certainly Johnny Diesel and the Injectors sound a lot better to my ears now than they did then.   Or, is it just a that compared to some of the trash on the radio now days, the trash from the eighties sounds better?
It can work in reverse as well, leaving you to wonder what you ever saw in a particular song or band.
Also today, the iPhone 3G is available in Oz.  Is anyone planning on getting one?  I think I may wait for the next generation and the price to come down a bit.
Note to spammers:  A subject heading like ‘We have video of you naked ccope’, is just stupid.  Even if I was stupid enough to believe that and open the email, the fact that I’m being referred to as ccope is a dead give-away.  
I’m also really tired of the ones that tell me how stupid I look and that I have a stupid face.  That’s just uncalled for.

3 thoughts on “Temporal Tunes

  1. Sicko spammer! Set up on wordpress. Their spam program catches all these nasties and I don’t even have to look at them…just know how many they have caught.

    No iPhone, though I do LOVE my toys. I’m hoping later I’ll get one but I’m pretty happy with the brick I have.

    We must be getting to the age where we’re getting a little nostalgic. Looking back to the past to see the ‘good old days’. Not that those songs are particular good, but they link with times in our memories of carefree living. Remember, hearing and smelling are our two most basic ways of working out stuff about the world and they link the best to long term memories.

  2. The spam I’m talking about appears in my work email. We do have anti-spam software, but it’s not very clever. We have to check it to make sure legitimate email doesn’t slip through. I know people who have sent email to their work address from their personal address and it’s got caught up in the anti-spam software.

    In my personal email, I have to say gmail is quite good at weeding out the spam. Even if I do get hundreds, it all goes in the spam folder. It’s not very often one makes it to the inbox.

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