Remember the Baghdad Blogger? (Now updated)

Does anyone remember Salam Pax? I read his diary which was put together from his blog, when the book came out in 2003.

Here’s a piece of a review from amazon, that gives you an idea of what it’s all about.

I’ve been reading Salam’s blog since before the war started, and continue to do so– he is certainly no “ordinary Iraqi”– His written English is better than 99% of Americans, his knowledge of Western popular culture is mind-boggling, and his snide digs at posturing of all kinds is world class. His genius brings us the gift of perspective and complexity in a situation reduced by American television to sound bytes and simple images…

For the rest of the review, click on the book image to the left.

Since reading the book I continued to read his blog, until he seemingly stopped in April of 2004, with an entry that simply said, ‘I think Hiatus is the word. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.‘ I kept checking in hopes that he’d be back, and the only other entry that appeared in August 2004. It was just a dot. It was a link, but didn’t appear to take me anywhere.

Recently I came across the page again, and clicked on the dot. It took me to a new blog! It appears Salam has kept right on blogging, as the archive goes back to August 2004. I’ve got some reading to do! Though, the latest entry is dated Tuesday, July 18, 2006. I wonder if there’s another blog out there?

UPDATE: There seem to be other blogs:
Stuck In The Middle – Which doesn’t appear to have any entrys, and
Salam’s Notes – Which seem to be just notes.
There is another one called Where is Raed? the photographic supplement.
And finally, Mind the Globe – London news website launched by Salam Pax and other students in May 2008, which led me here.


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