In answer to your comments.

I began writing this in the comments but it became rather long, so I thought I’d make a new post out of it.

Hmm, yes Pseudo-ephedrine. How did anyone ever survive a cold without it?

I am getting better, though the cold has migrated to my chest. I went to the doctor yesterday who provided antibiotics, so it should clear up soon.

I don’t like it when my cats come into the toilet. It’s one place I won’t share with them. Isaac does love to sit on the seat though. And drink the water. Yep, cute and gross. 🙂

Well, if the curse doesn’t abate, I just might rename my blog. Ha! Not only was I sick, Isaac was sick too. So he had a trip to the vet yesterday (It’s a pity we couldn’t combine our visits). He had been throwing up the past couple of days. The vet has him on some ant-acid and he’s doing better. Doesn’t help that He ate half of a hair-tie recently. The vet thinks it’s still in his tummy, but should break down a bit and come through okay.

Just realised, some of that won’t make sense to anyone who didn’t post comments on my last posting. You’ll just have to go look, now won’t you. 😉


One thought on “In answer to your comments.

  1. Im all in a dither… i meant to comment on your commenting on comments in a post?
    I applaud your technique for getting people to read your previous post and comments:)
    The head trip book arrived for me today, yay!

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