I must be cursed

Wednesday. I spent all day feeling slightly ill. It was an odd sensation, like the one you get when you’ve swallowed water while swimming. Wednesday night and most of Thursday was spent vomiting. That evening after two shots in the behind from the doctor, I had a nice sleep and felt better the next day, sort of. As my tummy got stronger the pressure on my nose got worse. It’s like someone is pressing down on the bridge of it. Gradually the tummy bug seems to have metamorphosed into a head cold. Lucky me.
Feeling better today (hence the blogging) probably due to the cold and flu tablets (weren’t they a nice invention). Hopefully the head-cold doesn’t metamorphose into yet another ailment.

Just to cap things off. On one of their ‘let’s run around the house at full-tilt‘ rampages, the cats leapt over me while lying prone on the couch. One of them (it was too fast to tell which) conked me a good one right on the nose! Geez!

I must admit though, Isaac has been rather good. He’s been sitting with me most of the time, and whenever I’ve needed to go to the toilet, he’s been waiting for me at the door when I’ve emerged often with Fang. Fang has been keeping an eye on me too, every now and then.
My little sister, Nadia has been very good too. She took me to the doctors and fed me.


3 thoughts on “I must be cursed

  1. Pseudo-Ephedrine
    is a beautiful . . . thin(g)*

    (sorry — couldn’t quite get it to rhyme).

    *(when used responsibly, of course!)

  2. Sorry to hear of your ailing ways. Hope you’re better now.

    Regarding cats and toilets: my cat Mysti likes to come in when I’m um, ‘sitting’ on the toilet. She purs around my legs and wants to jump into my lap. Cats excel at being cute and gross at the same time.

  3. Yes….i agree…you are cursed:)

    Why have you not renamed your blog “cursed crystal’? Yes, yes, that is slightly defeatist, and no i dont condone that all. So please rewind back to the smiley face:o

    Im sad to hear that you are so ailing……but glad to hear that your slave (opps i meant sister) is stepping up to the plate!

    Hope to see you all better and ready to take on the world soon!

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