Did you ever wonder how your mind works?

If you’ve ever been curious about how your mind works, this book is worth a look. Written by Canadian, Jeff Warren, this book looks scientifically at different states of consciousness. There are many researchers around the globe investigating the brain and different areas of consciousness. Written similarly to a travel guide, the author takes us on a trip, exploring different states and showing us some amazing sights.

This is more than just your dry science text. Although the subject matter is fascinating, the author’s personality and sense of humour really shine through. That is what makes this book such a pleasure to read.

The first part of the book is about sleep. As an insomniac, this is a topic I am fascinated by. I did a bit of a research paper myself on the topic when I was doing library studies. It wasn’t a comprehensive study by any means, however, I did learn a lot about sleep and it’s various stages. Delving into The Head Trip I found there is so much more to know. And questions I hadn’t even thought to ask, like, ‘Did humans always sleep the same way?’ and ‘Do different cultures sleep differently?’

The author also looks at hypnosis and meditation. Not something I’ve often seen looked at with a scientific eye.

I was lead to this book through an essay the author wrote for New Scientist. New Scientist doesn’t give you full text articles on their website unless you’re a subscriber. However, at my library we subscribe to Ebsco Host’s Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre, which gives me free access to full-text articles. It also allows me to email articles to friends for free. So, if you’d like a look at the article, let me know.


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