Toe in the water

It’s 20 past 5 on a Friday evening. It’s rapidly darkening outside. Just thought I’d fill in a bit of time while waiting for Jo to turn up. She’s coming over tonight after a no-doubt blissfully stress-free day at work, so I can show her where I keep the cat food.

Yeah, ’cause that’s our idea of a fun time on a Friday night.

I’m off to Colac tomorrow to visit my Grand-nephew and Jo has kindly volunteered to feed the cats while I’m out in the country.

Don’t really have a great deal to say in this entry. Just keeping my ‘toe in the water’, so to speak.
As I keep telling people, I write lots of entries in my head, they tend to disappear when I’m in front of the computer.

Interesting, I misspelled ‘disappear’ in the above sentence and the spell check suggested Chesapeake. ?? Weird.

Here’s some news. . .
Yesterday I had my cat at my Mum’s house, after a visit to the vet. Mum’s dog, Polly, loves cats. Isaac was sitting on her chair and Polly could hear him purring. She started growling, which we thought was odd. It wasn’t malicious though, as her tail was wagging and she looked happy enough. The tone of the growls changed, and we think she was trying to purr! Crazy dog.


One thought on “Toe in the water

  1. What a clever little munchkin. I think I’ve caught Sukey trying to say ‘hello’ to me…still working on that one.

    Have I ever told you about “The dog who loved cats” a actual story about a wefare dog and her owner and their attempts to improve the lives of stray cats. If not here’s a link to Ginny’s story. I seemed it ended a few years ago at the age of 17 but what a legacy.

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