Can we keep our clothes on ?

A strange week for me.
Monday morning I arrive at work to find the police waiting for me. We’d been broken into. The thieves broke a window and got into our workroom. They stole the float from the till. They missed the weekend takings which were sitting in a bag on top of the branch run in full view. They missed the Easter raffle money and honesty box in the kitchen. They missed the digital camera and didn’t take any computers or equipment. Not very smart thieves.

Tuesday. Two of us are sitting at the information desk when we hear a woman call out ‘excuse me?’. She was standing by the printer and needed help. Nothing wrong with that picture, except hang on. . . one of her breasts have popped out! She’d been breastfeeding, but the baby had moved away and she’s just casually doing what she’s doing with one breast hanging out.
Finally she tucks it back in, only to have the baby pull the other one out!
She went back to the computer and began working. I looked over and, yep, one had popped out again. While I wasn’t bothered, I could just picture one of our more righteous borrowers complaining. To ward off the inevitable, I had to go and have a little chat with her. I told her we support breast feeding, but when the baby wasn’t feeding she must cover up. I told her that if any of the other borrowers complained we’d have to call the police. It’s ‘indecent exposure’. She took it all with good grace and stayed covered up after that.

Wednesday coming back from the gym. There is a man standing next to a pole. Not facing it, mind you, but standing parallel. He is having a wee. There’s a gym one side of him, and a train station the other. Both have toilets. Nope, he has to have a wee there, right where I can see his little pink pee-pee. Hmm.

To finish off this entry, here’s a bizarre fact I learned recently.
297 milligrams of LSD will kill an elephant. So, don’t give your elephant LSD. See here for more details and other bizarre experiments.


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