I’ve noticed an increasing trend in the city (she says having only been in the city about twice this year).
Buskers wearing headphones singing along.

There was a toothless drunk looking guy sprawled on Swanston Street today. He had big honking shiny headphones on that were plugged into a shiny stereo. So, he could hear what ever it was that he was singing along to, but not what he himself sounded like. Innocent bystanders however, could only hear him. Unfortunately.
Now I’m not sure where the shinny headphones and stereo came from. It didn’t quite gel with the drunken toothless man. The singing did. Seriously, if you want money from people, better off unplugging the headphones so we can hear the stereo and shut up.

I’ve seen this before in the city. Late one night in Elizabeth Street. This time it did have a bit of entertainment value. There were two bogans with headphones on singing along to various different songs. They were pretty bad, but it was incredibly good value watching two bogans dancing around trying to belt out ‘Are you gonna go my way’. They thought they sounded good and the amusement from onlookers only encouraged them.

Finally to answer the obvious, no one got any coins from me.


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