Crystal Beale

Yesterday, I got the train home after a long day at work. I’m listening to the Get This podcasts. It’s still sunny and warm when I get off the train, and as I head toward the crossing, a strange looking lady approaches me. She has long frizzy salt and pepper hair tied back in a pony-tail. She’s wearing a big baggy pink T-Shirt which doesn’t disguise her droopy bra-less ampleness. There is a slight body-odour problem too. I’m always smiling when I’m listening to Get This, and I think people think I’m smiling at them. It gives the false impression that I’m some sort of friendly person 😉
She starts talking to me. I can’t hear because of my iPod. I switch it off assuming she’s asking for directions.
“Can you hear me?” she asks.
“Yes, I can hear you now.”
For the life of me I can’t remember what the first thing she said to me was, but it quickly turns into a discussion about shampoo and what I use to wash my face. Not only does she want to know what products I use, she wants me to give her advice on what she should use and how often she should wash her hair.
It was a bit of a surreal experience having a discussion like this with a stranger. Except for being slightly annoyed about her holding me up on my way home, it was an interesting experience. I didn’t mind the chat at all, and said, “nice chatting with you” once she’d finally finished asking her questions.
“Nice to talk to you too,” she said as she walked away. “You have nice hair,” she said as she got a bit further down the path. “Thank you,” I called.
“You’re a very attractive woman,” she yelled from further away.
“Thank you,” I called ducking my head and hoping no one else was around.


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