Kavalee’s Face

I watched Out of the Question last night. The first episode shows promise. I wonder if they will expand it from half an hour if it goes well? Glenn Robbins didn’t seem very well prepared, but that was part of the charm.
The thing that stood out the most for me was Ed Kavalee’s face! First I thought the colour was wrong on my telly, but Glenn Robbins looked okay as did the other two guests. Ed looked kinda orange and airbrushed. I loved his work on radio’s Get This (I’m still listening to the podcasts) and Thank God You’re Here. Seeing him last night I couldn’t help thinking what a weird looking man he is. He’s not really that weird looking, he just looked weird on the show.
My suggestion, maybe the make-up person should ease up on the foundation.


2 thoughts on “Kavalee’s Face

  1. Can’t say I heard anything good about the first show. Maybe it will get better.

    I hid in the world of the English loser with Spaced at about that time. There’s a show that makes you feel good about yourself.

  2. Just looked up ‘Spaced’, sounds like a cool show. When is it on?
    I thought you meant ‘Hyperdrive’ at first. That’s a terrible show.

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