Two entries in one day. Will wonders never cease?

I’ve had this one in my mind for some time. Time to put it down I think.

I recently re-watched all the Star Trek movies. I remember noting the contradictory comments made regarding Spock’s death. McCoy at the end of The Wrath of Khan says “He’s really not dead as long as we remember him.” A beautiful sentiment however I identify more with Sarek’s comments at the beginning of The Search For Spock. When, on learning that Kirk’s brain does not hold Spock’s Katra, he laments, “Then everything that he was, everything he knew, is lost.”

I never understood the depth of pain contained within that statement until now. My Nan is dead, and we can remember her all we want. We can talk about her, and share memories. We can look at pictures, and think of her every day. She’s still gone. I have a large majority of the books she owned. There are many topics that include; anthropology, philosophy, space exploration, nature, geography, fiction, crazy theories and many more. It made me realise her mind must have been an amazing place, and it’s gone. It’s something we’ll never get back. Unfortunately she did not have a Katra to leave behind.
It would’ve been a wonderful thing.


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