Puddy Tat Kisses

He also massages my head! Click on the picture to see.

Been a bit slack in the blogging department of late, so time for a little ramble I think.

Just had a birthday and I’m pleased to announce that a certain person at work asked if I had finally hit 30. He he he.

This may come as a shock to some (it certainly did me) but I’ve been doing some gardening!! A couple of weeks ago I planted two tomato plants, which area still alive!! I also put a number of pot plants in the ground. The previous owner of my house had a lot of potted plants in the garden. They weren’t doing so well, because I don’t water anything, so I pulled them out of the pots and put them in the ground.
I have been saving water. I have to run the kitchen tap for a bit before the hot water comes through. This I put in a watering can for the tomatoes. Also have to run the water a bit so it runs clear, because the pipe that brings up my main water is rusting. That also gets saved.

And today I pruned back a tree that is almost dead (if not dead already). I pruned it right back, but still left it pretty tall, and put the creeper that’s in front of it over the bare branches. It doesn’t look too bad.
You wouldn’t believe how sore my hands are.

Stay tuned for a possibly more interesting post next time. . . or maybe not.


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