The Anti-David Post

The title of this post actually refers to a conversation I had yesterday with David (just checking if you’re reading this) and doesn’t actually have anything to do with him at all.

In an earlier posting I wrote about people listening to music on their mobile phones, out loud with no headphones. Well yesterday on my way to the gym I notice a tradey-type-dude walking along with rap music blaring from his phone. Not only was he playing it out loud, he was rapping along with it.

Is this the naughties version of carrying around an 80s ghetto blaster? Though I never actually saw anyone doing this in real life during the 80s.

This was almost, but not quite, as strange as the bald tough-rocker-type-dude I saw rocking out with huge honking headphones on in between the train carriages. When the train go to his stop, he came back into the carriage, calmly picked up his briefcase(!) and got off.

Rock on people . . .


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