Spitting and other odd behaviour

Why do people spit? Except for the odd occasion where I’ve had a chest infection and coughed up a big green goobie, I’ve never had the urge to spit. Even then, I’d rather spit into a tissue.
I was at the train station today and I saw a guy constantly spitting. It was disgusting (I’ve noticed this behaviour before at train stations). I swear the guy had a little puddle going between his feet. Surely one can’t possibly have that much saliva?

Other odd behaviour I’ve noticed recently (and this is new), is kids listening to music on their mobiles. Well and good, but they’re doing it without headphones. That’s right, the music is playing out loud. Not only is this odd behaviour, I think it’s rather rude. Why should I have to listen to their music. Especially on a train, what if more that one person decided to do it. Can you imagine the cacophony?


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