I’m soooo good.

Here’s what a wonderful person at work said about me:

There was once a lovely young lady bestowed with the name Crystal. She toiled away at work, trying to make things right, however she was oft met with much resistance:( She had a magic wand, and sometimes she used it to knock sense into people, sometimes; when provoked; she shoved it…well use your imagination here:) but most of the time she used it to fix things.
She was no ordinary lady, she had a title; BITS person, reveared far and wide by those with technophobia. She would seemedly wave her wand (or plug in the cable or plug) and machines would work again. One day an evil villan hid the ‘driver’ from Crystal, she searched high and low and yet it could not be found. So she called on her magic wand, uttered a spell(along with some choice four letter words) and it was fixed! The libraryfolk cheered, Crystal had saved the day…(yet again)

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