I just watched a documentary on Crowded House’s Woodface. It was great to look back on this album and see it from a new perspective. I lived and breathed this album when it came out, back in the days when you sat back and listened to a whole album and didn’t just download a song here and there to add to your iTunes shuffle.
I’m intimately familiar with every note, chord and lyric. Just as I’d lived and breathed Temple of Low Men before it, this one brought a whole new world of sound to my ears. It was music you could get lost in. Full of imagery and imagination.

It leaves the new album, Time on Earth, severely lacking. Admittedly I haven’t listened to it as closely but it’s not drawing me in the same way the first four albums did. I haven’t listened to each and every lyric, but there seems to be no ‘colour is it’s own reward’, no ‘you can fight the sleep but not the dream’.
There are beautiful songs on the album and I love the very different Transit Lounge but it’s somehow not quite the same.

So, after the documentary I sat back and listened to Woodface. The first time I’d sat back and listened to a whole album (any album) in years, and gave it full attention. It really made for a beautiful Saturday night.

Do yourself a favour. Get the album, put it on your iPod and listen to it alone in the dark on headphones. Experience it. You’ll thank me (or them) for it later.


One thought on “Woodface

  1. Im so happy that you have a band that inspires you! I am so sad that im missing the concert, would have loved to have gone. Perhaps create a podcast and beem it to me in tallinn? Come on, your my favourite BITS person!

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