What do you do?

How do you stop thinking about something?
What do you do when the memories that once brought joy and happiness, now bring a sense of loss and disappointment?
What do you do when the person you once went to when you were in pain, is now the cause of that pain?
What do you do?


One thought on “What do you do?

  1. Its quite simple, yet at the same time, gutwrenchingly hard. The answer; do nothing.
    Unfortunately the cliche, is as such for a reason, time heals all wounds. While i dont think it heals them, it does dull the pain.
    Eventually, every little thing that is so hard now, will get a little easier, and one day (which is so inconceivable now) you will realize that you look back on that time with fondness and joy, and a bittersweet saddness.
    You relive what was and what could have been and decide that the experience made you into the person you are.It does become easier to cherish the experience and when you think of that person, your heart still beats a little faster and then you get that sinking feeling, but it becomes a part of you, one that you are glad to have, because while it may sound corny(coz it sooooo is) love is what makes us human, and there is a power in knowing that you are capable of such love.

    End of rant:)

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