I was just putting up my ‘New Scientist’ map of the universe. Again. It had fallen down.
I noticed on the back that apparently there are 126,625 galaxies in the universe. 14,183 asteroids, 8420 satellites and only one Earth. (And before anyone asks, I don’t know who counted them all).
Makes one human life seem rather insignificant don’t you think? I mean I’m just a teeny tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. Why should I bother getting upset about things. Life goes on, and in the end nothing really matters.
So, I should just plod along through life and enjoy any good bits that come my way. If there are bad bits, plod through those until the good bits come around again. Just wish they weren’t so far and few between. One day I’ll be dead and it won’t matter.

I can’t work out whether that reads optimistic or pesimistic.

I learned an interesting fact today. Apparently some Mormons are not allowed to join libraries. They can use our facilities, internet, etc. They just can’t become members. That has to be one of the most ridiculous religious constraints I’ve heard of. Kind of up there with not being able to eat sugar for two weeks. (True, I knew a girl at school. Don’t know which particular religion it was though)


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