Paradigm Shift

I often experience what I call a Paradigm Shift. It can be (and usually is) very subtle, but there nonetheless. I will be ambling my way through the day and there will be a moment when suddenly my whole perspective changes. Sometimes an idle, ineffable thought will precede it, sometimes it will happen all by itself.

It’s hard to describe but I find myself experiencing life in a particular way. It has a particular feeling about it, then that feeling changes.

The first time I can remember noticing this is as a small child playing an imaginary game. I’d be completely involved in the imaginary world of this game, sometimes by myself and sometimes with my siblings. Suddenly the game would no longer seem ‘real’ and that would be the end of it. Time to do something else.

It’s sort of like waking up, except that I wasn’t asleep. Sometimes this shift is accompanied by a new understanding of a particular facet of life. Sometimes I just feel different.

I wonder if I’m the only person who experiences this. I wonder if anything I have written here makes sense?

I’ve often wondered about this. What prompted me to think about it again today was cooking tea. It’s funny how smells sounds, and tastes can put you in a different time and place. I was feeling particularly down today. It came to be tea time and I decided to have the traditional three veg and meat. A meal I haven’t had for quite some time, but one that I was brought up on. The TV was showing National Nine News, I don’t think I’ve watched it since before I’d moved out of home. It was the combination of the sounds from the telly and the smell of my three veg and meat cooking, along with a very decent cup of tea that caused this particular Paradigm Shift. It took me back to a time to where everything felt normal and comfortable. I came out of the fugue I had found myself in and inspired enough to compose this posting.

So, here’s to a good meal and a nice cup of tea.


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