A discussion the other day led me to the question, if I am an atheist just what it is I do believe in? Those who know me would probably suggest I believe in evolution. I’m not sure that ‘believe in evolution’ is the right terminology. I no more ‘believe’ in evolution than I ‘believe’ the sky is blue. I accept it as fact and move on.
I assume when people talk about ‘believing’ in something, they mean ‘faith’. I’ve been to a few different resources to look at the definition of faith, and most of them have this among their definitions “firm belief in something for which there is no proof”.
In this context I don’t believe that I have faith in anything.
If we change the word to ‘trust and confidence’ then there are many things I have trust and confidence in. Primarily people. There are a few people in the world that I have absolute trust and confidence in. Those would be members of my family, very close friends and last (not least) my boyfriend.
People may think it sad that I have no faith. I am very happy. I think it much better to have complete trust and confidence in a person who is alive and able to be interacted with. A person who can actively enrich your life, and in turn you can enrich theirs.
If you are lucky enough to have people like this in your life, who needs the divine?


2 thoughts on “Belief

  1. hey Miss Crys,

    I like the cut of your jib! I dont get why people think its ‘sad’ to not have some belief-as long as your happy and fufilled then why the judgement? totally agree with your thoughts on people btw. Keep up your posts,they are interesting, you tackle the ‘real’ issues!

    Be good……or wickedly good at it;)

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