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I’ve just done the virtual equivelant of screwing up this entry and tossing it in the waste paper basket. I’m starting over. I had written a whole pile of gibberish about not knowing what to write. Instead of blathering on around in circles, I think I will write about this:

Okay, did you ever have a really good day for no apparent reason and want to tell someone about it, only to find you have nothing to tell? I had one of those today.
Nothing special happened. I did my laundry and vacuumed the house. I went to the gym. I had lunch and watched a few episodes of Deadwood. I made some iced tea and potato salad. All in all nothing special, yet as twilight draws near, I feel happy and content that I had a nice day.
Perhaps it was because it was marginally cooler today. Melbourne has been in the grips of a heatwave, which, has made me seriously consider getting air-conditioning. I have ceiling fans, which are usually quite adequate to the task, but these past few days the heat has become too much. At least I am sleeping reasonably well, which is saying a lot for an insomniac. Perhaps another reason I feel good today.
One other reason my be the nice chat I had with VWB1 on the phone, right before I went to sleep. I went to sleep feeling good, therefore woke up feeling good.

Then again I probably shouldn’t look a gift horse. . . Tomorrow for no apparant reason I may find I feel completely crap.

1Very Wonderful Boyfreind


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